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Gun rally 09/11/2013

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  • Gun rally 09/11/2013

    In Missouri HB 436 (The Second Amendment Preservation Act) which was vetoed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) will face a veto over ride in the veto session which starts Sept. 11th 2013. This bill among others things nullifies Federal Gun laws in Missouri.

    Here is a "link" to the bill:

    On that morning at 9:00 AM there will be a rally of the front lawn of the Missouri Capitol to "encourage" the legislature to over ride that veto! Over 1,000 people are expected at this rally and then they will fill the Missouri House Gallery waiting for the veto over ride vote! Please cover/attend this event with national implications for State rights.

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    Help promo this wherever possible.

    The first day of the veto session there will be a 2nd amendment rally on the front lawn of the MO. Capitol starting at 9:00AM, please share far and wide. Speakers
    Rep. Doug Funderburk @ 0915, Rep. Chuck.Gatschenberger @ 0930, Rep. Curtman @ 0945 Nieves @10:00
    Others in leadership do not have a time as yet.
    The veto session is to start Sept. 11th 2013.
    HB436 was vetoed by the Governor. We are working toward a veto over ride and will hold a rally on the front lawn of the Capitol from 9:00 AM till 10:30. At that time we'd like to see hundreds pour into the Capitol and tell their legislators to over ride the Governor's veto on this important 2nd amendment bill.
    We have the permit and speakers from both the Missouri House and Senate!
    Make every effort to attend this rally! It our 2nd amendment rights that are at stake!
    Share with any and all media outlets, ask for a promo and if they would like to cover the Rally as well.
    Others invited to speak include: Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Speaker Tim Jones, Floor Majority Leader John Diehl, Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, Majority Floor Leader Ron Richard, and Senator Brian Munzlinger.
    "An armed society is a polite society." Robert Anson Heinlein, author/philosopher